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Prosegur Services Group USA is coordinating and overseeing a financial institution conversion project for a corporate client and is seeking intel and assistance in preparing a team for this conversion.


Security Features Needed: 

  • Uniformed unarmed licensed Security Officers, or Constables, or LEO’s.
  • Officers required at 36 (number could change) locations: 
    • Greene County 6 locations 
    • Lawrence County 1 location 
    • Monroe County 3 locations 
    • Hamilton County 1 location 
    • Delaware County 7 (or 8) locations 
    • Randolph County 1 location 
    • Grant County 3 locations 
    • Allen County 1 location 
    • Kosciusko County 5 (or 6) locations 
    • Elkhart County 7 (or 8) locations 
    • St. Joseph County 6 locations 
  • The event(s) will take place: Friday 4/24/20 3pm-11pm* Saturday 4/25/20 8am - 4pm* Sunday 4/26/20 8am to 4pm **
    • *On Friday, 11pm, or Saturday, 4pm; these are the anticipated end of that days conversion; the Officer could potentially be at the site for an additional hour to accomplish the Saturday work schedule.
    • **On Sunday, the Officer will be paid until 4pm- guarantee. If the conversion is completed early, the S/O will be paid for the entire schedule, and will be released at the time the conversion is determined to be complete
  • 4 "Zone Supervisors” for each day; same schedule. Zone Supervisors would be assigned to verify arrival for Officers in their zone and be prepared to cover for an open post. 
  • Each Officer at each location will be stationed at the entrance of the location and will vet ALL individuals in and out during the duration of the project. Contact information will be provided to all staff to provide for authorization of all individuals who are working on this project.


  • $30.00- $32.00hr range for Security Officers
  • $35-$40hr for Constables
  • $40-45hr for LEO’s for this project
  • LEO's and oCnstables will be Independent Sub Contractors and would sign an individual Sub Contract agreement with Prosegur for the work periods. 

Security Agencies would be an agency Sub Contractor to Prosegur; they would have a different Sub Contractor agreement. Each sub-contractor (agency or LEO) would also issue an Invoice for their time and submit at end of Conversion. Payment from Prosegur will be made within 30 days of submission of paperwork. 


If interested, please contact: 


Tom Smeeding

North East Regional Manager 


Published in: Job postings on Wednesday 19th of February 2020