Message from the IACP President

Message from the IACP President
Chief Dave Cincoski
Chesterton Police Department

Welcome to the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police website. It is my honor to have the ability to serve you as President of IACP in 2019. I hope to build upon and continue the efforts and work of those whose footsteps I follow.   


The Association, coupled with the IACP Foundation and the respective Boards of Directors, serves all law enforcement in the state with training, information, professional opportunities and networking. The interests of law enforcement have changed since the inception of the IACP in 1925.  As such, our interests for current law enforcement trends, ideas and focuses are ever changing as time progresses. While our focus is on the present needs of our membership, we will keep an eye towards the future and what it will bring. 


Sir Robert Peel served as Prime Minister and Home Secretary of the United Kingdom in the early 1800’s. He is known as the father of modern policing and in 1829, is credited with saying “The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being the only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”


The goals of the IACP are to provide you, the law enforcement personnel, from the neophyte officer, to the first line supervisor, to the agency executive, with the tools, ideas and information needed to help you in your duties and to keep you and your communities safe. Over the course of this year, we endeavor to continue providing you with the means to effectively perform your tasks. 


However, we can only do this if we know what your needs are. Please bring us your ideas and thoughts. How can the IACP help you be successful?  What can we provide you that will help you in your tasks? Is there something the IACP should be focusing on that we are not? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated by myself, or any of the Board members, via email or contacting us directly.


The common goal of the IACP is for the greater good of all whom we represent and we are here for you. My aim is to serve your need in whatever capacity that we can from the standpoint that no matter where or who we serve, we are in this together. 


Again, thank you for letting me represent and serve you and I wish you a safe and successful 2019.