BodyWorn by Utility 



Utility’s complete system including BodyWorn™ cameras, Rocket IoT™ in-car video and communications systems, CAD integration and AVaiL Web™ evidence management software. This complete evidence management solution incorporates automatic recording triggers, officer down alerting, gunshot detection and more, making Utility’s product line best in class for police technology systems. 






Motorola Government Solutions - Public Safety 


Motorola translates today's communication and information technologies into practical real-world solutions that put crucial intelligence into the hands of your people' virtually whenever and wherever they need it. These are complete solutions tailored to fit your goals and resources.


Stanard & Associates 

Stanard & Associates, Inc. is a human resource consulting firm that specializes in employee surveys and testing and assessment systems. Stanard's products and services are rooted in the methods of industrial and organizational psychology, ensuring that clients receive the high quality information they need to make effective human resource-related decisions.




Public Safety Medical


Official Medical Provider. An industry leader, Public Safety Medical provides a continuum of disease prevention and health promotion services including occupational health, travel health and wellness programs. A comprehensive offering of innovative, integrated services helps assure the health, well-being and productivity of public safety professionals, employer groups and individuals.







Aftermath Services LLC



Aftermath is the premier provider of crime scene, death, and biohazard cleanup. Since 1996, we have provided professional and compassionate services to families, communities, and businesses after traumatic events. With 36 locations and emergency response 24/7/365, our qualified cleanup professionals assist customers after homicides, suicides, decomposition, accidents, and more.





Coalition Against Bigger Trucks

The Coalition Against Bigger Trucks is proud to sponsor the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police and continuing our partnership in keeping Indiana’s roads and motorists safe. Best of luck in 2019!



Critical Response Group Inc



Critical Response Group, Inc. is a team of US Military Special Operations veterans and law enforcement experts who work to improve public safety preparation and response capabilities. Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRG®) combine aerial imagery and accurate floor plans, and the labeling of important features into a geospatially accurate graphic.  CRGs allow first responders to communicate easily using a common operating picture. 







Emergency Radio Service, Llc., dba ERS-OCI Wireless



At ERS-OCI Wireless, we believe every day is an opportunity to do things better, and this is what we help our customers do. For nearly 70 years, we have been helping public safety agencies implement reliable mission-critical communication systems that help them stay connected, raise productivity, streamline operations, and improve overall performance. Our company represents Motorola Solutions throughout the majority of Indiana and Northern Kentucky as a Motorola Channel Partner, Manufacturer’s Representative, Federal Agent, and Service Elite Specialist. Indiana Locations: Bloomington, Columbus, Elkhart, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Ligonier, Muncie.



FirstNet Built with AT&T




John Jones Automotive Group



John Jones Auto Group specializes in law enforcement vehicles with governmental pricing. Offering Dodge Chargers, Durango’s, Ram trucks, Chevrolet Caprices, Tahoe’s, & Chevrolet trucks. We offer discounted pricing and Municipal lease purchase plans. We can provide your lighting, lettering and mobile radio needs. Call now 1-877-473-5546. See our large inventory of law enforcement vehicles including ATV’s. 




Kiesler Police Supply








Ring partners with law enforcement is through our Neighbors Portal.  The Neighbors Law Enforcement Portal allows agencies to view and comment on Neighbors App posts in real-time, directly engage citizens and create neighborhood alerts that are targeted to neighbors in specific geographic areas.  On the investigative side, the portal allows you to see an active camera map of all the Ring devices in your community and directly request relevant video when a crime is committed. All of this is provided to law enforcement and the community at no cost.