Police Executive Leadership Symposium

Leading into the 21st Century
November 29-30, 2018 | Noblesville, IN


Topics Covered:

- Emerging Issues in U. S. Policing
- Beyond Command & Control: Exploring Alternatives to the Traditional Police Organizational Structure
- Retaining the Millennial Cop: Hiring the Gen “Z” Cop
- Crisis Management in Our Advancing World of Technology
- Officer Wellness: Practical Methods for Addressing the Police Family
- A Broader Look at Emerging Technology



The 2018 Police Leadership Symposium, Leading into the 21st Century, is designed to explore two distinct themes; what emerging technology will set the stage for U.S. policing as we move deeper into the 21st century, and how do we lead police organizations that recognize our humanity while capturing the best of technology. We welcome all of our police leaders to explore the topics on this agenda and participate with our presenters.


To start this event, retired chief, professor and police futurist G.M. Cox, Ph.D. will set the stage by describing the emerging issues in policing as we all attempt to peer over the horizon. Police futures has been a part of Dr. Cox’s academic interest for a number of years and he brings a detailed interest in this topic.


As we acknowledge that information is moving faster and that our new generation of officers look at our work slightly differently, is it time to explore a different organizational structure for police organizations? As General Stanley McChrystal noted in his book Team of Teams, should we be exploring a structure that allows us to maximize the flow of information and use the speed of technology to our advantage? Tom Cowper (ret.), of the New York State Police has explored the topic of organizational structure or a number of years and offers an interesting opinion on where U.S. policing may need to go.


For the past several years, at training venues around the United States, police training officers have been heard uttering a common refrain…these daggone millennials! Yes, the newest cops on the block are different, just like the generation before. Neil Moore, Ed.D. retired chief and training facilitator for the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police, will be discussing how to retain this generation of officer and more. If your agency has hired a 21-year-old cop, you also hired your first “Gen Z” officer. Yes, just as you were complaining about the millennial officers, there is a new kid in town. Dr. Moore will also help us explore the Gen Z officer…part of the “throwback generation.”


Friday is two parts technology and one part family. Friday starts off with Chief Jeff Halstead (ret. Fort Worth, Texas) discussing Crisis Management in Our Advancing World of Technology. Chief Halstead had a long tenure with the Fort Worth Police Department and now brings a high-energy presentation that helps police leaders understand a variety of technology issues emerging as we get deeper into the 21st century.


Sandwiched in between our technology presenters is Professor Catherine Nanton, Coordinator of the Public Safety Leadership Program at Fanshawe College, London, Ontario, Canada. Professor Nanton trains police professionals in a variety of leadership topics in both Canada and the United States. She joins our presenters to discuss an issue of prominence found in the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing; the pillar of Officer Wellness. This Task Force Report was the first national level report about U.S. Policing that emphasized the wellness of our officers. Ms. Nanton has worked on “police family issues” for over a decade. Officer wellness includes improving the wellness of the police family. Catherine will provide some easily applied real world methods to aid police leaders in reaching out to the family members who also carry the burden of policing.


Finally, Roy Alston, Ph.D. will wrap up our symposium with a broader look at other emerging technology. Dr. Alston, also an active duty police lieutenant with the Dallas Police Department has developed a masterful presentation on a variety of technologies that will influence policing in the very near future. Be prepared to hear interesting amazing realities.