Police Leadership Academy (PLA) Testimonials

David Cincoski
Chief of Police | Chesterton Police Department

Dr. Moore's contribution to the new structured PELA series brings unique insight to the program.  Throughout the day that I attended, Dr. Moore was able to illustrate the lecture material with real life experiences which enhanced the learning curve of the students.

Rob Wiley
Chief of Police | Kendallville Police Department 

Dr. Moore did an excellent job of presenting the material and in stimulating participation from the Officers attending.   I discussed the class with my Officer who attended and he advised that the instructors were very effective in their presentations and that they all were very qualified to present their topic matter.    From what I observed personally and from the input provided by my Officer, I believe that the topics presented are very applicable to the level of command personnel being trained and the quality of the course is very high.

Participant Feedback
Module 1

"I really enjoyed the presentation of Mr. James and the introspective nature of the class.  The class really motivated me to learn all I can about the technique." - on Servant Leadership


"[I was] very impressed with the knowledge and passion displayed by Chief James." - on Servant Leadership


"This was an extremely important topic that needs to be taught to everyone." - on Legitimacy & Procedural Justice


"Dr. Moore [is] very knowledgable and present[s] material in a manner which keeps the student interested.  [I] learned new things that will be used daily. Thank you!" - on Diversity