Basic Police Leadership (BPL) Testimonials


Kevin Jowitt
Chief of Police | Noblesville Police Department

This was an ideal first day for a basic supervision class. The material was relevant, up-to-date, and laid a proper foundation for the balance of the course. Dr. Moore is an excellent presenter and the class listened and participated readily. The emphasis on values and ethics is very important and that was the primary theme throughout the day.  I was very impressed with this session and made notes myself.






John Kauffman
Sergeant | Marion Police Department

I can honestly say that it was probably the second best course, if not the best course, I have taken in the 16 years I have been a police officer! I learned a great deal about the importance of making ethical decisions and about conflict resolution.  In addition, the former prosecutor of Noble County, Steven Clouse, taught a great course on criminal and civil law and how departments can be impacted by poor decision making. Thank you very much for letting me have an opportunity to attend this class.  I think all staff officers could benefit from this course even if they have been in the position for a long time.


Travis Marsh
Lieutenant | Milford Police Department

I wish to thank the IACP for bringing the Basic Police Leadership Training to Ligonier this July.  In twenty two years of law enforcement I have had some really good training; this course has rated at the top.  I was able to understand how to utilize some skills and tools I have acquired over the years in ways that make sense and are beneficial to myself and my agency equally.  I have also been given new useful tools that will sharpen my professional standing.  I recommend this training for all potential & direct supervisors.  This course should be mandatory for anyone who is in a leadership position.  I will be working to complete the PELA course in full next year.



Shea L. Reliford
Sergeant | Indiana State Police

I truly appreciate the opportunity to attend the PELA course.  This is unlike other trainings due to the multiple instructors from different parts of the country, bringing an enormous amount of knowledge and experience.  All of the instructors have impeccable backgrounds and continue to be actively involved with law enforcement.  What was eye-opening to me was that no matter the agency, we all have similar matters that we can improve on, but all carry the same common goal of providing the best service possible to each other and our communities.  Because the instructors were all involved with law enforcement, there was a common language and a common bond.

The instructors had different teaching styles which benefit the officers in learning different styles.  It was not your typical "stare at the PowerPoint training".

In a few words, I feel that the PELA course allows you to look deep into enhancing your character so that you can motivate and get the most potential from your peers, and together executing the mission.  I would definitely recommend this course to first-line supervisors and any officers that are able to have an impact as leaders.


Amber Richards
Sergeant | Marion Police Department

I thought overall it was a very good week of training with very important topics discussed.  Not only was the training itself helpful to a new staff officer as myself, but also being afforded the opportunity to spend time with Sgt. Kauffman.  This provided the opportunity to bounce ideas back and forth, topics from class and topics from within our department.


I think overall the training is good training for any new staff officer, or even just an officer in general.  There was a lot of good information presented and good information I can/will take and put to use.  Again, a big thank you for the opportunity to attend this class.  



Cliff Sessoms
Deputy Chief of Police | Marion Police Department

I found Dr. Alston to be personable, informative and very knowledgeable about the topic he was teaching. I believe it really helped considering he is an officer, supervisor and has done countless hours of research on the topic. Even though I recently started my 28th year in law enforcement and have seen much conflict within the department, I found myself listening intently and taking many notes.


I would highly recommend listening to this gentleman, no matter if you are a new supervisor or you have many years of service!


Brett Sprinkle
Chief of Police | Newburgh Police Department

In my opinion Catherine Nanton really went the extra mile to get the students involved in her subject content.  Each student had to do a personal map of themselves and then get up in front of the class and explain what they had written.  You could tell that some of the students were very uncomfortable with this but as they spoke they started getting more comfortable.  

Rob Wiley
Chief of Police | Kendallville Police Department

Ms. Nanton was very interactive with the students and provided excellent information that then led to discussions with and between the students related to how the topic related to their agency and to their personal situation.  The discussions brought out scenarios and situations that were realistic and that gave each student an opportunity to use the information provided by the instructor to reinforce the basic concepts of ethics, critical thinking, and decision-making.