Indiana Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (ILEAC)

The Indiana Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission (ILEAC) is currently seeking a new Program Director. The Program Director will work with ILEAC staff to ensure the goals, objectives, and deliverables are professionally completed on time and within budget. 



Job tasks include but not limited to the following:

  • Respond to all inquiries about accreditation and requests for information and technical assistance
  • Recruit agencies statewide to discuss the benefits of accreditation
  • Work with staff to promote the program and expand the number of agencies involved
  • Develop and engage in marketing plans and campaigns to encourage program participation
  • Identify and attend LE gatherings, meeting, conferences and trade shows to promote accreditation
  • Create and maintain a relationship with ILEA to address the new Chiefs training each year  
  • Assist agencies in process organization to maximize success
  • Develop lesson plans and provide training to accreditation managers
  • Periodic contact with accreditation managers to monitor progress
  • Address various issues that are problematic with agencies
  • Share successful agencies methods and policies to comply with standards
  • Recruit assessors, screen and train
  • Schedule agency visits
  • Coordinate on-site assessments including scheduling, assigning assessors and facilitating travel  
  • Monitor on-site issues uncovered by assessors
  • Monitor law changes for standards compliance
  • Monitor trends in law enforcement for “best policy” practices and new technology
  • Oversee review/revision of program procedures; develop and edit standards
  • Prepare new standards to address issues not previously covered to enhance the program
  • Write standards in a way to allow agencies maximum latitude in how they will comply
  • Suggest possible proof documents that agencies could use to show compliance
  • Make Commission and local presentations during award ceremonies
  • Maintain a close relationship with the software company used during the accreditation process
  • Represent ILEAC, with general counsel and staff, in state/federal court when defending policy creation and award certification  
  • Attend state accreditation (InPAC) meetings to represent the state accreditation effort
  • Provide periodic reports to the Board and staff
  • Provide articles/bulletins to staff for distribution to membership
  • Attend scheduled meetings and events

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Published in: Job postings on Monday 2nd of July 2018