Preferred Suppliers







Stanard & Associates

Stanard & Associates, Inc. is a human resource consulting firm that specializes in employee surveys and testing and assessment systems. Stanard's products and services are rooted in the methods of industrial and organizational psychology, ensuring that clients receive the high quality information they need to make effective human resource-related decisions.


Public Safety Medical


Official Medical Provider. An industry leader, Public Safety Medical provides a continuum of disease prevention and health promotion services including occupational health, travel health and wellness programs. A comprehensive offering of innovative, integrated services helps assure the health, well-being and productivity of public safety professionals, employer groups and individuals.






Downey Public Risk Underwriters

Downey Public Risk Underwriters is Indiana's specialist for public-entity coverage.  Since 1970, they have been proudly protecting those who serve in Indiana's cities, towns, counties, townships, emergency service organizations, school boards and other government entities.


Working together with local independent agents, they have gained the business and trust of many public entities in Indiana.  Their staff has accumulated years of experience in helping agents develop custom insurance solutions in property, casualty, and worker's compensation programs.





Enforcement Products

Enforcement Products provides equipment law enforcement personnel need to establish probable cause or document interactions between officers and the public.  Our specialties include unique “never miss an event” technology on both in-car and body-worn cameras, both cutting edge and economical radar units, precise laser speed units, alcohol testers (PBTs), and related products like speed display signs and trailers.  We even take your old radar units, speed laser units and PBT’s in trade toward anything we sell.  If you have changes or additions in these areas, please feel welcome to email or call 317-254-5676 to see if we might have something that’s a good fit for your agency.





Emergency Radio Service


At ERS, we are truly "Customer Focused, and Quality Driven." Our company was built by our customers' needs and delivering quality systems, technical support and the services to support them. From offering the latest technologies to offering unique services such as the ERS Managed Service option, ERS is always developing new ways to better serve our customers. ERS is dedicated to helping our customers increase efficiency and safety through wireless communication technology. Quality Driven- From the way we answer the telephone to the way we engineer and install a system, we strive for excellence.


7 Convenient Indiana Office Locations:

Elkhart | Evansville | Fort Wayne | Indianapolis | Kokomo | Ligonier | Muncie



John Jones Automotive Group


John Jones Auto group specializes in law enforcement vehicles with governmental pricing. Offering Dodge Chargers, Durangos, Ram trucks, Chevrolet Caprices, Tahoes, & Chevrolet trucks.

We offer discounted pricing and Municipal lease purchase plans. And can provide your lighting, lettering and mobile radio needs. Call now 1-877-473-5546. See our large inventory of law enforcement vehicles including ATV’s.
Get your department’s pricing.



Motorola Government Solutions - Public Safety


Motorola translates today's communication and information technologies into practical real-world solutions that put crucial intelligence into the hands of your people' virtually whenever and wherever they need it. These are complete solutions tailored to fit your goals and resources.







Safe Small Towns is dedicated to helping your department and city secure cost effective camera solutions for buildings, interview rooms, public spaces, covert, mobile, solar, wireless and more. Whenever possible, we’ll use existing resources, including technology and people to help minimize your investment, and we are committed to education and support.






Lexipol, LLC


Lexipol is America’s leading provider of state-specific Law Enforcement Policy Content, updates and integrated daily training.  Nationwide collaboration between the largest private network of legal and public safety experts and Lexipol’s management tools provide agencies the most complete solution for policy manual management, documentation and training.